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Husky Haven Community Centre
We welcome you, wherever you've journeyed from (possibly Geocities or Community Zero). Come and warm up by the fire! Now that you're nice and toasty, look around. There are a few activites to join.

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Select from the list below:

1. Join Forum 

2. Enter showz

3. Judge showz

4. Downloadz - are right below.
New 8 Feb 03: Petz5 P4P Husky breed file.  - Download. Now you can have Petz5 P4P Husky litterz!

You can also download an upgraded v2.1 Petz4 P4P Husky breed file which allows you to adopt 2-tone sable, piebald and wolf-grey huskiez, some with snow nosez! Huskiez have also been hexed to have straighter (ie.less dane-like) ears and are less stocky as adultz.

Petz4 husky variation breed  Click on the P4P Husky button on the left to download the zipped Petz4 P4P v2.1 breed file.

Due to bandwidth restrictions, large downloads like the P4P Husky breed file may cause this website to be shut down temporarily. If you experience this, wait for a bit and try again.

Right now we're not as interactive as the old Community Zero Centre but this is a better alternative than just closing down. Don't you agree? Also we haven't had too much time to get this Community Centre off the ground so it'll take some time before we're back to normal again.

Play with a P4P Husky 

Husky Haven's Guardian Unicorn Ice Princess watches over this site

I got my fantasy unicorn and web graphics from

Last updated: 8 Feb 03
(c) 2002-2003 Corinne Faucher